Top Seven Benefits of Soy Candles

by Divine Wicks  |  21st Dec 2016

Candles are used by millions of people every year. They come in handy when the electric goes out, and they make a pleasant addition to any environment by adding to the ambience and aroma. But what type of candle is best for your home or workplace?

In recent years it has become well documented that traditional paraffin wax candles pose potentially harmful effects to those that breathe in the toxins they emit. This as well as other realities is why Divine Wicks exclusively uses natural soy wax in our candles.


Below are my top seven benefits of soy candles:


1. They are cost effective:

Because soy candles burn slower, they can last longer than regular candles, you won’t have to replace them as often, thus saving a good deal of money over time.


2. They are eco-friendly:

Soy candles do produce smoke, however the amount is much less than normal candles and because the candles are all natural, the smoke does not contain any of the toxins and carcinogens that other candles do.


3. They are all natural:

Soy candles are made out of natural ingredients like soybean and hydrogenated soybean oil. Both these products are totally biodegradable as well as renewable resources.


4. They are soot free:

It can be hard to see, but many types candles produce soot while burning. This can leave a thin film on ever surface in your home. Soy candles are soot free and burn 100% clean.


5. They are water soluble:

If you do spill the wax of a soy candle, cleanup is incredibly easy, unlike the horrible mess that exists after a traditional candle wax spill. This also means that when you have finished burning your candle you can easily clean our the container and use it for other things (my husband uses them as whiskey glasses).


6.They burn evenly:

Fragranced soy candles distribute the fragrance evenly while burning. Paraffin wax candles often burn unevenly with varied fragrance releases.


7.They don’t get as hot:

Soy candles burn much cooler than traditional candles (they are still hot, and best kept our of reach of little hands), but are still are far safer for you and your family.


All natural soy candles provide many benefits over their traditional wax counterparts. If you are looking for a more cost effective and more healthful way to add the ambiance and aroma of a candle to your home, give soy candles a try.

Time to try a Soy wax candle?

Divine Wicks have been making Soy Wax Candles for over 3 years and have a wide range of quality candles and fragrances for many occasions.

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